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2017 edition


The latest edition of M&E Services Engineers Fees covers fee data for the main market sectors. Information provided by respondents has been rigorously analysed and is presented in a report which will be of immediate practical use.

Find out the average ‘going rates’ currently being charged by other consulting M & E Services Engineers.

Detailed charts show average fees reported for Normal Services in seven sectors - housing, offices, industrial, leisure, health, education and heritage; and fees reported covering Full Services for housing, offices, leisure and education. 

There’s hourly rates data for seven different types of M&E consulting engineers.

These will help you when you set your own fees for a job; especially useful in fee competition.

M&E Services Engineers Fees

How is the fees data presented?

Fees data is shown visually in a chart. Each chart plots value of the M&E elements against percentage fee and shows an average fee line, which is a line of best fit based on an analysis of the raw survey data.

For a full list of market sectors covered click here.

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On-line Fees Calculator. An alternative to the print version. The Fees Bureau Calculator tool allows you to explore the fees data and calculate more precisely the average fee for a range of jobs. 12 month subscription. The Calculator does not include access to the print version and is not a pdf or other downloadable version of the printed report.

Click here for a demonstration.

Price: print version: £175.00 Postage free.

Price: ON-LINE Fees Calculator - £175.00 + VAT for a 12 month subscription


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