Architects Performance



2016 edition

Benchmark your performance:

      how much should you be earning in fees/profits?

      are you performing above or below the average?

      how do your costs compare with others?

      are you overstaffed or understaffed?

The 2016 edition of Architects Performance will show you how much practices similar to yours are earning. Discover average fee earnings per practice, per Principal and per head of staff. Compare your profits and costs with other practices.

Architects Practice Ownership

Data is presented per practice and per Principal for the full range of practice sizes. Plus, there’s quality information on the architectural market, types of jobs, market sectors, and staffing ratios.

For each statistic, firms are compared by size. We explore recent changes in fee earnings - how do you compare? The tables in these reports show key financial and staffing benchmarks for Architects, based on the returns received from several hundred architectural practices across the UK. Quartiles, as well as averages, provide evidence of the range in fee earnings, costs and profits.

The analysis shows:

current performance - practice fee earnings; staff costs, other costs, profits, profits as a per cent of turnover; staffing ratios; composition of fee earnings; involvement in market sectors; average job size; market size; market shares.

past trends - costs & profits, staffing numbers; market size; market shares; workloads; regional changes

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