Architects Earnings


2016/17 edition

The 2016/17 edition of Architects Earnings examines, in depth, the earnings, fringe benefits and total remuneration packages being received by architects throughout the industry. More than 1500 chartered architects working in private practice, industry and local/national government participated in this survey - run in association with the RIBA.


Earnings data is analysed by:

  •     employment field/sector

  •     region of the UK

  •     age

  •     experience

  •     size of practice

And as well as showing the range of earnings, there is information about:

Architects Earnings
  •     part-time earnings

  •     prevalence and value of a range of fringe benefits

  •     holiday entitlement

  •     contracted hours

  •     overtime

We've been running  this survey for the RIBA for the last 25 years and you'll see a host of back data in this report giving the report context as well as currency.

The 2016/17 edition comprises 47 charts and 28 tables.

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